About Kinzelman Art

Founded in 2001, Kinzelman Art Consulting is a comprehensive arts advisory and management firm, with expertise spanning all aspects of fine art services – from procurement, valuation and calculated growth, to collection management, estate planning and strategic dispositions.

We develop and manage private and corporate collections through our wealth of specialized experience in the arts. We forge strong relationships with both collectors and artists, and we are known for our clear, uncomplicated strategies tailored to guide private and corporate clients at every stage while carefully navigating the ever-fluctuating art market.

Our extensive knowledge and individual expertise have enabled us to grow and maintain a vast network of resources within the global art communities. As a result, Kinzelman Art has earned respect for our highly specialized and scalable art management services – serving private collectors just starting out, or clients with extensive portfolios and sophisticated needs.

Let’s have a conversation about how we can serve you wherever you happen to be on your collection journey.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does KAC represent artists?

No. A major differentiation in partnering with KAC is that we have no affiliations with any specific artist, nor do we maintain an inventory. Thus we approach our projects with an unbiased and flexible outlook when curating collections. We do however, have close relationships with galleries all over the world and years of experience that, in turn benefit our clientele.

Can KAC help me sell my collection?

Maybe. Depending on what you’re hoping to sell, we may be your guide to navigating the secondary market via consigning your collection through a gallery or auction house. 

Can I reach out to KAC for an appraisal?

Yes. We have 3 certified appraisers within our staff who are qualified to conduct fine art appraisals. At the onset of an appraisal, please specify the intended use of the appraisal (insurance, charitable donations, divestment, etc.) and provide all known information on the artwork(s), such as artists name, title, media, dimensions, images, etc. 

If I am an artist, what is the best way to show my work to KAC?

We are constantly researching and keeping ourselves immersed in the art market. It is beneficial to reach out via email with your CV, digital images of your work and a link to your website. Please remember that we do not represent artists, but in the event that we find harmony with your work and our client's vision, we may reach out to you. 

If I am a gallery, what is the best way to introduce my program to KAC?

The best way for us to keep your program in mind is to add us to your regular email list, and send us periodic price sheets including information on available works or new artists you’re representing. We are also accessible to hop on a call to hear about your program, new artists and special projects.

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