Jereann Chaney
Julie Kinzelman and her team at Kinzelman Art Consulting have supplied my family with vast guidance, advice, knowledge, care and organizational skills over the past 15-20 years. They have kept detailed records of which of our works are coming and going through loans, gifts, sales and additions. Reviewing documents, helping with details of shipping works, updating appraisals when needed and working with me relative to artists, galleries, museums and institutions’ requests. Through those years we have put together a collection of works concentrating on young, edgy artists willing to push the boundaries on subject and materials. We delved into all facets; painting, photography, sculptural, new media and installations. Nothing was off limits. Kinzelman Art Consulting was there every step of the way. And with their assistance, artistic enthusiasm, breadth of knowledge and sticklers for details in 2007 and 2008 we organized two amazing exhibitions at the MFAH; “Red Hot” and “End Game”. One will not find a better group to be your guide for any endeavor that is in your artistic path to pursue.
John A Frere III
Director, Real Estate & Business Services
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Julie and her amazing team worked on several high-profile projects for us over the past several years. It was so wonderful to work with Art professionals that possessed such an amazing depth and breadth of knowledge. It was so clear the entire Kinzelman team were more than just art consultants. The spirit of their joy and passion for the work, the artists and certainly the appropriateness of the installation was palpable in every moment of our time together. They worked on several high-profile installations for us. Probably the most relevant was our James Surls commission in Hackett Tower. Upon seeing the installation James said “this is one of the most perfect backdrops for my work anywhere in the world” Julie and her team were absolutely instrumental in leading us to the perfect decision…Bravo!
Christopher Grimes
Owner and Director
Christopher Grimes Projects, Santa Monica, California
I was very impressed with Julie’s vision and forethought in selecting Iñigo Maglano-Ovalle for the Engineering Department at Texas A&M. Her understanding of Iñigo’s work, along with his interests in science and climate made him an ideal choice to symbolically represent the character of inquiry and discovery within this department for years to come. The challenges of initiating a commission on this scale were many. Her profound resolve in support of Iñigo’s proposal was noteworthy, as there were many conceptual and technical hurdles to overcome in the realization of this work. I think that the spirit of Julie’s engagement in this process is what impressed me the most. I have worked with many advisors throughout my career, but feel that our collaboration with Julie and her team was a standout experience within this context.
Stephen Caffey, PhD
Associate Department Head / Department of Architecture
Texas A&M University
Kinzelman Art Consulting brought a wealth of experience and expertise to our large-scale, multi-artist public art project. The professionalism, enthusiasm and flexibility with which they handled stakeholders with dramatically varying levels of art knowledge and with a divergent set of aesthetic preferences attest to their willingness to really listen to and respond to clients' needs. I cannot overstate how impressed I am with their work and I would recommend their services for any organization, institution or collector committed to including art as a key component of a life well-lived.
Stacey L. Trefts
Project Manager
As you contemplate the decision to retain the services of an art consultant, I would highly recommend the expertise of Kinzelman Art Consulting. While the magnitude of navigating through this process was daunting, Kinzelman’s experience and acumen helped us flawlessly manage every step and make the endeavor enjoyable.
Theo Elliott
Ratio 3 Gallery
Julie Kinzelman brought something to us that otherwise would have been totally inaccessible: A market for Ara Peterson’s work in Houston through a large commission project. It’s projects like this that make us really thankful for that role consultants take in the art world. I am happy to have connected with her.
Scott Adams
HR and Administration
We have an appreciation and understanding of the unique role that art can have in the workplace. Over the years, Julie and her team have been instrumental in the selection of new pieces to add to our collection. Our new work space was designed to intentionally highlight certain works, so proper selection and placement was critical. Kinzelman Art made that process very simple and the end result is better than what we had initially envisioned.
Aaron Thielhorn
Managing Director
Trammell Crow Company
We had in our mind what our vision was, but we needed to bring someone in to help guide us from point A to point B. It was a very fun process and we would have never been able to do it without a top tier art consultant like Julie and her team.
Kim Vercher
Office Administrator
Katten Law
For over two years, I have had the distinct privilege of working with the inventive, forward and creative group of professionals at Kinzelman Art Consulting. They have delivered the most intriguing personality to our firm’s previously blank walls. Throughout three different phases of art acquisitions, the Kinzelman Team brought to the surface the message of our practice by using art as a window into our professional identity. I cannot think of a greater compliment about Kinzelman Art Consulting, than to say that they truly saw the Firm and the people, and they executed the project it in a way that could be expressed in an artistic conversation.
Cody Armbirster
Senior Managing Director
Many of my colleagues are not familiar with the dynamics and environments of the art world, therefore it can certainly be intimidating to approach, but working with Julie and her team, we found that the process was very inviting and approachable.
The Art Guys
We have worked with many entities over the years, including galleries, universities, museums, corporations – you name it. It is rare for us to work with such professionals. It was a wonderful experience for us. Working with Kinzelman Art is a pleasure.
Chris Natrop
Working with Kinzelman Art Consulting was an amazing experience. Their clear communication, attention to detail, and critical feedback was key to the success of me producing my recent permanent, site-specific wall installation for their client.  Kinzelman’s depth of experience and easy-going professionalism was a breath of fresh air compared to many of the less-seasoned art advisors I have previously worked with. I would greatly welcome more opportunities to collaborate with their team to produce new, engaging artworks. I am pleased to strongly recommend their expert services.
Becky Wiley
Senior Portfolio Coordinator
Kinzelman Art Consulting provided significant support to our 4-year art relocation and divestment project in conjunction with the development of our new Houston campus. With this complex project, we relied on the expertise of KAC to coordinate and navigate a multitude of moving parts including cross-country art and artifact shipments, art installations, auction sales, gallery consignments, museum donations, international corporate gifts, valuation services and inventory management. Julia Stallcup flawlessly supported our internal asset management, reporting, and accounting processes. Kinzelman's quality teamwork, accessibility, and specialized services ensured that all aspects of the project went smoothly.
Mark Prendergast
Director of Trusts & Estates and Business Development
Heritage Auctions
It was such a pleasure working with Kinzelman Art Consulting on the large corporate collection we have been selling over the last few years. 170+ items and together we got them all sold – and sold pretty well! Your attention to detail and thorough management of the collection from initial evaluation, through shipping, to final settlements was impressive. Your client should be extremely pleased with your work!
Soo Sunny Park
I am an installation artist, so I am often challenged to set up large-scale work in new and unfamiliar places. Kinzelman Art Consulting provided exactly the support that I needed from the beginning of the proposal to the final on-site installation. They were complete pros throughout the process: helpful, capable, patient, and true advocates for artists' work in many ways. My experience working with them has set a new standard for me, and I am very grateful for all the support and assistance they provided. I look forward to working with them on other projects.
Judy Seré
Chairwoman of Decor
The Petroleum Club of Houston
The team at Kinzelman Art Consulting is exceptional. They are easy to recommend because they exceed expectations every time. Knowledgeable and professional are two adjectives that come to mind to describe them, but that is only part of the story. Your project becomes their project as they put all their talents to work to find the right pieces for your space. They work in tandem, handing off from one to the other effortlessly, so that questions and concerns are handled immediately. They are always mindful of budget and time constraints. In short, they “have your back” from selection to acquisition to installation.
Daniel A. Moreno
General Manager
The Petroleum Club of Houston
The word Master is reserved for just a few accomplished leaders in their field. Julie Kinzelman, founder of Kinzelman Art Consulting, is a true Master. Her knowledge of art, artists, interior design development and budget constraints formulated the Petroleum Club of Houston’s comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing art design. Julie’s direction added value enhancement as well obtaining our significant goal: to have a classic elegant impact on our membership and the thousands of visitors that we have in the Club each year.
Joshua Goss
Working with Kinzelman Art Consulting was simple and straightforward; they are knowledgeable about the creative process and willing to push the boundaries of both artist and commissioner. From the early planning stages of the project to the final installation of the artwork, KAC was committed to a product of the highest quality and standards.
Randy Twaddle
Mies van der Rohe, famously claimed, "God is in the details." Successful art commissions are too, and Adrienne Johnson is the most detail-conscious art consultant I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She advocates articulately for the artist's work, communicates clearly, and most importantly, respects the value of a good process. For artists who like to undertake commissions, she's a dream come true.
Mary O'Neill
Graduate of RISD, Appraisal Studies in Art + Antiques
The (consulting) course that Julie offered at RISD was the most significant in the program for me. She presented a wealth of relevant information, and she was very generous with her advise and ideas. I came away inspired and clear about my work.
J Mark Metts
Sidley Austin LLP
Sidley selected Kinzelman Art Consulting because of your background and because of your extensive knowledge about art—collecting art as a true collection, as well as displaying that collection. As we expected, you came to us with many wonderful ideas. Your presentation was well-organized and flexible. The thing that impressed me most was that you truly listened to our feedback and you learned from that feedback. The final result of that collaboration was wonderful.
Heather Blume
Graduate of RISD, Appraisal Studies in Art + Antiques
Taking your class at RISD was one of the most eyeopening, connective, and informative classes in art that I have taken in 64 years. It was excellence personified, well conceived, well organized, well presented and executed with authenticity.
Laurie Lambrecht
There is an atmosphere of integrity surrounding the Kinzelman Art Consulting team. Our first installation together (Inside Roy Lichtenstein's Studio, the Bank of America Center, Houston) reflected the merits of their professionalism and creative insight. It was a pleasure to see my photographs presented to a new audience in that beautifully considered space. It is a privilege to continue working together.
Jo M. Ludwig
EnCap Investments
Adrienne Johnson Yost with Kinzelman Art Consulting did a remarkable job assisting us in selecting the best pieces that complimented our new office space. Not only did the team at Kinzelman select, acquire and install all of the pieces, they did it flawlessly with a realistic approach, exceptional service and professionalism. Needless to say, they exceeded our expectations.
mandy williams
private collector
Anyone can buy art; all it takes is money. But to collect art, you need to ask questions and gather information so that you can make smart, conscious decisions. I might have been able to do it without Kinzelman, but it would have taken years to gather the knowledge and experience they were able to provide immediately. The question of whether or not art is an investment is subject to debate; but the bottom line is that using Kinzelman as an art consultant is a wise financial decision.
wayne braun
Competent on many levels, subject authority, collaborative, passionate, realistic, and objective: the marks of any great consultant and a very accurate description of Kinzelman Art Consulting.
price chumley
Kinzelman Art Consulting executed the project flawlessly, finishing within the budget and schedule as originally agreed... the overall project, which Kinzelman procured and installed, remains something that our company is quite proud of, complimented by many company employees and facility visitors as well.
renate aller
As an artist, it is so rewarding working with consultants like [Kinzelman] who help clients build a serious collection with full understanding of the artists intention. From the moment we met I was very much taken by their insight and passion.
bill livesay
executive director
andrews kurth
I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Kinzelman for many years, and am appreciative of her expertise in recommending acquisitions, and her creative management of our collection.
don moore
vp and cio
occidental petroleum corporation
[Kinzelman Art Consulting] did a masterful job of developing an overall plan for what we needed and they did an amazing job of helping us select, acquire and install the best pieces for the entire space. Their professionalism, expertise, realistic approach, and effort met and exceeded our expectations.