KAC Interview: Tomás Díaz Cedeño

Thursday, February 25, 2016 at 4 AM

While we were in Mexico City, we had the pleasure of doing a studio visit with Tomás Díaz Cedeño. We were initally introducted to Cedeño at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in 2015 at Yautepec Gallery, so we were eager to meet him and learn more about his intruguing process. Take a look at our Let's Talk Art Interview with Cedeño for more on his inspiration and reflections on being an artist in Mexico City.

Tomás Díaz CedeñoUntitled (Black, White, Flesh), 2015, Vel-mix, pigment, plastic mesh, aluminum

Mexico City Art Fairs 2016

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 at 10:20 AM

Garbriel Orozco at the Jumex Collection
After our recent visit to Mexico City, it is clear that the city’s burgeoning art scene lives up to its hype. After being introduced to several impressive Mexico City galleries at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, we were excited to explore what else the city had to offer. During our stay, we managed to visit multiple museums and galleries, an artist’s studio, and two art fairs, Zona Maco and Material. Every experience left us continually impressed by the fresh perspective within this growing arts community. Below are a few of our favorite works from the weekend. 

Julieta Aranda at the OMR Gallery                                                Nancy Rubins at Gagosian Gallery
KAC's Adrienne Johnson at Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today at the Jumex Collection
Elizabeth Atterbury at Document Space

Carlos Irijalba at Galería Moisés Pérez de Albéniz
Kim Ye at JAUS                                                                                          Kim Ye (detail) at JAUS

Imi Knoebel at Von Bartha Gallery

Celebrating Adrienne Johnson's 10 Years at KAC

Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 7 AM

by Julie Kinzelman

I recall interviewing Adrienne 10 years ago to fill the role of Jr. Associate, and thinking how uncanny it was that she seemed so familial. I was instantly impressed with her accessibility, curiosity and ambition. Fast forward to 2016, and Adrienne has now positioned herself in a prominent role as Vice President of Kinzelman Art. 

Adrienne has an unfaltering work ethic and is genuinely passionate about advancing her knowledge and experience. With every year that passes, I grow in admiration of her dedication to polishing her skills as an advisor. She has the best sense of design, exquisite taste, and a sharp sense of humor.

I owe a tremendous amount to Adrienne as she has greatly contributed to the growth of the company. She supports the company’s ethos and displays unending faith in the possibility of our future.

I sat down with Adrienne to walk down memory lane and reflect upon her 10 years at Kinzelman Art - here's a bit of our discussion...

JK: When you think back to the beginning of your career, you've experienced so much- can you reflect upon a few highlights? Did it take a while to put together what your role as an advisor was going to be?

AJ: I entered this position with a lot of the necessary skills, but it took me some time to master the depth and diversity of the tasks. Every day was different and I was devouring as much knowledge as I could. Even the somewhat menial tasks were thrilling; it was a very exciting time for me.

JK: At this stage in your career, what aspects of your work excite you, and what do you aspire to accomplish that you haven't already?

AJ: What I love about my job is the creative license. Having the opportunity to utilize creativity and imagination is truly fulfilling. As for what I aspire for, truthfully, I just want to continue to challenge myself towards growth. I'm more focused on a broad concept rather than a task or a number, it's about philosophical achievements for me.

JK: What are aspects of working at KAC that you feel proud about and might differentiate us from anybody else in the city that's doing this too?

AJ: It's the level of care that we put towards our work that I am so proud of. At KAC our goals go beyond making the client happy. It’s about making sure that the art shines and functions seamlessly in the client’s environment and expands into a more broad spectrum view of the success of the collection as a whole. 

JK: After 10 years in the art industry, what are some of the trends in the market or in collecting that you've experienced? What have you seen and what's notable to you?

AJ: In the past five years, I’ve noticed our clients purchasing more cutting edge and conceptual works of art. There is a clear trend towards seeking artworks that express sophistication and simultaneously push boundaries. I love that collectors are pushing beyond traditional styles and media and are more open and receptive to buying new media and exploring new materials.

JK: You grew up with an artist as a mother. Tell me about how your upbringing influences your work today.

AJ: This part of my personal history is integral to my identity as an arts professional. From a very young age, I was exposed to the broad and diverse art community in Houston. My parents’ social structure was built of artists and as an only child I had the opportunity to learn how to interact and communicate with creative people. Furthermore, I spent a lot of time in my mother’s art studio as a child and I became comfortable in the setting. Today, a studio visit with an artist is a special treat for me as it feels both familiar and fresh. For my mother, her practice was her profession and she was very dedicated to it. It instilled in me the understanding of the innate need to create work and as a result I have a deep respect for the discipline it takes to be an artist. These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons of how to navigate between the creative and business worlds.

JK: What is on your bucket list for the future?

AJ: Travel is always on my mind. I love the learning opportunities that arise through stepping out of my comfort zone and visiting a new place.

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