KAC IN NYC: Q&A with Kinzelman's Senior Associate, Kimberly Landa

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at 1:50 PM


KAC has boots on the ground in the big apple! Bet you didn’t know that our very own, Kimberly Landa has been operating in New York for almost two years covering projects for Kinzelman Art Consulting? We thought it would be fun to catch up with her about officing in the city, navigating NY during COVID and how she’s managing to access incredible art for our clients. 

Kimberly @ Perrotin Gallery Gift Shop


Q: You relocated to NYC prior to the pandemic, how has your experience in the city changed during this time and how do you manage to keep work going?

A: Watching the pandemic work its way through the city was a wild experience. Witnessing nightly 7pm applause, a dead empty Broadway Street, protests and riots, then boarded up windows covered in fresh street art made me appreciate the resilience of New Yorkers. Despite the circumstances, it was cool to experience the city in a different, quieter way without the buzz of my busy schedule. Now it feels like NY is getting its groove back, and as hard as some days were, I think I’ve earned some street cred by toughing out the majority of 2020 here! 

The key to my tiny apartment-office lifestyle is spending as much time as possible outside, even if it’s for 10 minutes to drink my coffee or between calls. Also, infusing life into my space with my tiny art collection makes my “home office” way more bearable. Lastly, I make a conscious effort to move around my apartment frequently to change it up. Big things happen for KAC when I move from my kitchen table to the couch! 

Bloomingdales windows mid-pandemic

Q: Now that galleries and museums are slowly opening, accessing art exhibitions first hand must be a welcome respite. How are you feeling about seeing art in person again after being separated from the gallery scene for so long? 

A: I swear I didn't feel human again until I reentered The Whitney last month! Previously, my weeks were packed with openings and gallery appointments. There was never a dull moment and my mental art inventory and iPhone camera roll were always growing at an exponential rate. When the world screeched to a halt in March it was definitely a transition. 

I recently attended Tribeca art night and saw a handful of shows in Chelsea. Now I’m far less concerned with my schedule, and spend more time engaging in conversation and really being present with the work. I used to try to pack it all in, and now I am okay with seeing less in a day but having a more meaningful experience. It's hard to top the convenience of speed dating with artwork via online viewing rooms in my slippers, but I really missed the human element, and the irreplaceable experience of stepping into a bright airy gallery and having an instinctual first reaction to a show.

Kimberly at Alex Dodge exhibition at Klaus Gallery, LES

Q: How has living in NY shaped the way you service our projects?

A: I like to say I used to have a long distance relationship with the NY art scene, and now I do with our Texas-based clients. Aside from the obvious answer that I live in the center of endless art opportunities for our projects, moving here pre-pandemic definitely gave me a jump start to working remotely and relying on technology and zoom to manage projects, a way of working we didn’t know would soon be universal!

Q: Can you describe a project that has directly benefitted from you being in NY? 

A: Recently, a client of ours had trouble deciding between two artworks that were at a show in Chelsea. It was so convenient (and fun) to have the luxury of hopping over to the gallery in minute's notice to study them further and help our client make a final call. I sent videos in the space to our client so she could understand the scale and texture better, then we had a discussion while I was at the show to make a quick decision based on my first hand experience with both artworks. A decision that can take numerous phone calls and email exchanges was made in just a few minutes, and enriched my work day! We also have a handful of clients with global collections, which result in much easier management of the the New York collections now that I am here and ready to go when something comes up. 

Film Forum in Chelsea, mid-pandemic

Q: Got any funny or peculiar stories about life in NY?  

A: There are so many I could truly write a book. I tend to be a magnet for peculiar stories, which is only amplified living in the ultimate city of unpredictability. Most recently, I had to hire a “couch surgeon” in order to fit my beloved pink couch into my new apartment because the entrance to my building was too narrow. I drove his car around so he could avoid parking expenses while he deconstructed my poor couch on the sidewalk to it’s bare bones, and completely rebuilt it inside of my living room within an hour. I've since learned that couch surgeons are not uncommon here.

The real kicker was the close proximity of my building entrance to the neighboring, very nice restaurant. I’m sure it really glorified the NYC outdoor dining experience to enjoy a lovely sushi meal alongside an invasive couch surgery!

Kimbelry at Donald Judd show, MoMa


Friday, November 22, 2019 at 8:38 AM

Earlier this month, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston shared exciting redevelopment plans with the community, including a brand new modern and contemporary art building and impressive additions to the institution’s permanent collection. In the upcoming years, the museum’s 14-acre campus will become home to seven major site-specific commissions by internationally recognized artists El Anatsui, Byung Hoon Choi, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Olafur Eliasson, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Cristina Iglesias and Ai Weiwei. Kinzelman Art is honored to have collaborated with two of these distinguished, globally recognized artists, and are thrilled to know that the Houston community will soon be enriched further through their works that will be featured at the MFAH.


El Anatsui's site-specific commission in the Energy Corridor, Houston, TX

In 2007, Julie Kinzelman worked with Nigerian artist El Anatsui to complete his very first site-specific commission in the United States. Stretching 27 feet high, the impressively scaled sculpture is constructed of thousands of folded and crumpled bottle tops bound together. The piece was specifically designed for our client, a multinational energy corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas. 

Anatsui alongside his artwork during a visit to Houston. 

Anatsui is now internationally recognized for his alluring assemblages of found, recycled materials that ultimately transform the environment for which they hang. His work is a direct representation of his African roots, while also referencing the environment, mass consumption and waste.


In 2016, Kinzelman Art kicked off a three year project working closely with Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson. In tandem with his esteemed studio of engineers and architects, Eliasson created a two-part, site-specific sculpture for Texas A&M’s new Zachry Engineering Education Complex. Eliasson’s concept for the commission was to invite viewers to consider mathematically how a cube can transform into a sphere.

Olafur Eliasson's site-specific sculpture at Texas A&M University

Eliasson’s sculpture, “How to Build a Sphere out of Cubes,” includes two brushed and polished stainless steel sculptures situated at the outer ends of the elliptical lawn engaging in formal dialogue with one another. The iconic artwork attracts students and visitors and serves as a desired meeting point on campus. You can learn more about this artwork, and KAC's project with Texas A&M here.

"The Breathing Moon" installed in the lobby space at Park District, Dallas. 

KAC also prominently featured Eliasson’s sculpture, “The Breathing Moon”, in the newly completed sophisticated lobby of Park District, Dallas. This sculpture is comprised of 24 crystal spheres to infer phases of the moon. Similar to Eliasson's sculpture at TAMU, and much of his work, the mirrored surfaces encourage interaction with an ever changing appearance dependent on the viewer's movements and the surrounding space.

"The Breathing Moon" Detail Image. 

KAC Announces New Team Member, Haley Berkman Karren

Monday, October 14, 2019 at 11:01 AM

With an exciting fall season ahead, we are eager to announce the newest addition to the team at Kinzelman Art Consulting, Haley Berkman Karren. As Junior Associate at KAC, Haley will provide collection development and administrative support for private and corporate clients.

Bringing an extensive curatorial background to KAC, Haley joins us after nearly 5 years as the Curatorial Assistant at The Menil Collection, and has worked with numerous institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Dallas Museum of Art; The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, as well as the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Pentagram Stiftung in Venice. Haley graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Art History and Archaeology, and went on to receive her Masters at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She remains an active member within the Houston arts community, regularly participating as a reviewer at FotoFest and engaging with various organizations.

Please help us welcome Haley to Kinzelman Art!


KAC Announces New Associate, Kimberly Landa

Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 3:35 PM

We are pleased to announce the promotion of Kimberly Landa to Associate at Kinzelman Art Consulting! Since joining the company in 2016, Kimberly has played a large role in collection development with various clients, and has assisted with facilitating numerous site specific commissions. Kimberly also spearheads the curating and organizing of KAC’s rotating exhibitions and heads digital marketing. Prior to joining KAC, Kimberly graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and earned a certificate from UT’s Bridging Disciplines Program with a focus on Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

As the newest Associate at Kinzelman Art Consulting, Kimberly will continue to manage the design of client presentations and marketing materials as well as provide expertise on research and collections care administration. Kimberly will also play a more integral role in client relations and project management. We are so thrilled to have Kimberly at Kinzelman Art and now serving our clientele in her new role as Associate! 


Monday, January 14, 2019 at 9:06 AM

Title Image: Alyse Rosner detail

Happy New Year from Kinzelman Art Consulting! With 2019 ahead we have important news to share with the community. After nearly fifteen years with KAC, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Adrienne Johnson’s departure from the company on Friday, January 18th. Since joining the company in 2005 our clientele and community have come to know and value Adrienne immensely. As a member of the Kinzelman team her contributions have been essential to our success and we are forever grateful for her dedication, professionalism and commitment to the company throughout these years.

With a rough itinerary in mind as well as family and friends to meet along the way, Adrienne will be taking time to organically travel the world, beginning her adventure at the end of January. It is with sadness that we announce this shift in KAC, but we are incredibly thankful for the many years of hard work and friendship we have received from Adrienne during her time with the company.

Julie Kinzelman and Adrienne Johnson of KAC at The 2018 Glasstire Party

“It has been a tremendous privilege to work alongside Julie Kinzelman and amazing colleagues like Kimberly Landa through the years on countless projects that I feel honored to have been part of. I have grown so much in my time at KAC and now I’ve come to understand that it’s time for me to cultivate life in a completely new way. My relationship with Julie expands well beyond the professional where she has truly become an integral part of my heart. I am eternally grateful to her for the amazing opportunity to work at KAC and know that we will remain steadfast friends forever."

— Adrienne Johnson 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the team at KAC, or Adrienne until the time of her departure. We look forward to seeing what new adventures 2019 has in store for both Adrienne and Kinzelman Art Consulting!

KAC in ATX: Kinzelman Art Consulting Completes 4 Site-Specific Commissions for Lobby Space

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 10:31 AM

Ruello's commissions installed at 500 w 2nd.  

Kinzelman Art Consulting partnered with Trammell Crow Company and CBRE on their new skyscraper located in Downtown, Austin. In close proximity to Austin's beloved Lady Bird Lake, the striking 500 West 2nd Street space, designed by Gensler, holds an impressive collection of tenants. The project goal was to activate the lobby with boldly infused color, and reflect Austin’s iconic flare.

Esparza's wall-based sculpture in the lobby space.  

"Art brings a new set of rules and compositions that juxtapose with architecture in ways that are unexpected and can be serendipitous. This building and lobby were conceived as hierarchic, one leading to the other and vice versa where momentary interruptions in the order allow for the individual to contemplate and enjoy being transported by the art."

- Tom Marsden, Associate, Gensler

Esparza detail image. 

El Paso-based artist Adrian Esparza, represented in Dallas by Cris Worley Fine Art, was selected to address the largest wall with his signature sarape artwork. This impressively sized piece, scaled specifically for the vertical wall, offers a visual push-pull effect with bold contrasting colors. The unique material usage in Esparza's work forms a natural dialogue across the lobby, where Erin Curtis’s equally active cut and layered painting is installed. Although indicative of Curtis's body of work, this piece in particular is intended to mimic the rapid growth and vibrant spirit of Austin, TX, where Curtis also resides.

Curtis's cut and layered painting in the lobby space. 

The collection continues around the corner with two large-scale paintings by Houston-based artist Robert Ruello, represented by Inman Gallery. These are Ruello’s largest works to date, functioning as murals to tenants entering the building through the garage elevators. Ruello digitally renders his compositions, then carefully transfers them onto canvas using tracing paper and various densities of paint and flashe. This technique informs a unique visual language transitioning between moments of bold expression and negative space. The building's collection upstairs includes works on paper by Nicola Lopez and Ross Bleckner, and a site-specific installation by Paul Fleming. 

KAC admiring Ruello's painting.

" KAC was wonderful to work with and made the entire process of selecting, commissioning and installing each piece at 500 W 2nd Street stress free for the ownership team. The art has completed our lobby and activated the borders of the space while staying true with the original design intent. Our tenants enjoy the pop of color and the energy it brings to their daily life. " 

-Kristi English, Development Manager, Trammell Crow Company

KAC Project Announcements: Trammell Crow's Energy Center 5 and Vitol

Monday, November 28, 2016 at 3:49 PM

Trammell Crow's Energy Center 5

Kinzelman Art is proud to announce the completion of two site-specific commissions created for Trammell Crow's Energy Center 5 building lobby located in the Houston Energy Corridor. In May 2016 we installed these unique works of art by artists, Val Britton and Ara Peterson enhancing the elegance of the interiors and infusing energy into the lobby.

"Many of my colleagues are not familiar with the dynamics and environments of the art world, therefore it can certainly be intimidating to approach, but working with Julie and her team, we found that the process was very inviting and approachable. The two artists that were selected were highly vetted, and we all feel we selected two representative pieces that are spot on for the opportunity." - Cody Armbrister, Senior Managing Director, CBRE 

Ara Peterson, "Travertine Wavepack" and Val Britton, "Continental Collision"

Click here to view the video: Val Britton and Ara Peterson Site- Specific Installations.


With more than 40 offices worldwide, international energy trading company, Vitol, has one of its largest operations in the Upper Kirby neighborhood of Houston, Texas. Kinzelman Art organized the relocation and exhibition of Vitol's art collection, (as managed by Kinzelman Art since 2010), to Vitol's new award winning offices designed by interior architecture firm, PDR Corporation. Successfully working in tandem with one another, the modern art collection and the sophisticated interior architecture expands one's experience of the typical corporate environment by creating a progressive, museum-like work place environment. 

"We have an appreciation and understanding of the unique role that art can have in the workplace.  Over the years, Julie and her team have been instrumental in the selection of new pieces to add to our collection.  Our new work space was designed to intentionally highlight certain works, so proper selection and placement was critical.  Kinzelman Art made that process very simple and the end result is better than what we had initially envisioned." -Scott Adams, HR and Administration, Vitol

Christian Eckart, "Hexagonal Perturbation​"

Ellsworth Kelly, "Oak Series"

Terry Winters, "Picture Cell", Rusty Scruby, "Family" and "Blue Bucket", and Hana Hillerova, "Houston Can You Hear Me?"

Andy Moses, "Kodachrome Basin"

KAC Current Project Highlights

Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 9:49 AM

Corporate Collection Project

Kinzelman Art is celebrating the completion of a 4-year, comprehensive art management initiative for a corporate client collection. Managing this collection has been a significant opportunity for Kinzelman Art, and we are proud of our dedicated efforts and achievements through this ambitious undertaking. KAC is honored to have been selected to expertly lead this outstanding collection.

Chermayeff and GeismarRed "O" Tower

 Soo Sunny ParkCapturing Light

Hughes Landing Project

Recognized by the Houston Business Journal as the 2016 recipient of the Landmark Award in mixed-use development, Hughes Landing is a 66-acre master planned community located in The Woodlands that features numerous works of public art throughout. Continuing the collecting philosophy of The Woodlands, Hughes Landing retained Kinzelman Art Consulting to procure and commission several public works of art for select locations to further enhance the community.

Yvonne DomengeWind Waves

We were thrilled to add to the magnetism of Hughes Landing via the placement of invigorating works of art by such artists as Mexico City based Yvonne Domenge, and Washington State artist Julie Speidel. We find that the overall success is seeing these public works of art serve to unify the community through an artful experience.

Julie Speidel, Glacier Series

Celebrating Adrienne Johnson's 10 Years at KAC

Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 7 AM

by Julie Kinzelman

I recall interviewing Adrienne 10 years ago to fill the role of Jr. Associate, and thinking how uncanny it was that she seemed so familial. I was instantly impressed with her accessibility, curiosity and ambition. Fast forward to 2016, and Adrienne has now positioned herself in a prominent role as Vice President of Kinzelman Art. 

Adrienne has an unfaltering work ethic and is genuinely passionate about advancing her knowledge and experience. With every year that passes, I grow in admiration of her dedication to polishing her skills as an advisor. She has the best sense of design, exquisite taste, and a sharp sense of humor.

I owe a tremendous amount to Adrienne as she has greatly contributed to the growth of the company. She supports the company’s ethos and displays unending faith in the possibility of our future.

I sat down with Adrienne to walk down memory lane and reflect upon her 10 years at Kinzelman Art - here's a bit of our discussion...

JK: When you think back to the beginning of your career, you've experienced so much- can you reflect upon a few highlights? Did it take a while to put together what your role as an advisor was going to be?

AJ: I entered this position with a lot of the necessary skills, but it took me some time to master the depth and diversity of the tasks. Every day was different and I was devouring as much knowledge as I could. Even the somewhat menial tasks were thrilling; it was a very exciting time for me.

JK: At this stage in your career, what aspects of your work excite you, and what do you aspire to accomplish that you haven't already?

AJ: What I love about my job is the creative license. Having the opportunity to utilize creativity and imagination is truly fulfilling. As for what I aspire for, truthfully, I just want to continue to challenge myself towards growth. I'm more focused on a broad concept rather than a task or a number, it's about philosophical achievements for me.

JK: What are aspects of working at KAC that you feel proud about and might differentiate us from anybody else in the city that's doing this too?

AJ: It's the level of care that we put towards our work that I am so proud of. At KAC our goals go beyond making the client happy. It’s about making sure that the art shines and functions seamlessly in the client’s environment and expands into a more broad spectrum view of the success of the collection as a whole. 

JK: After 10 years in the art industry, what are some of the trends in the market or in collecting that you've experienced? What have you seen and what's notable to you?

AJ: In the past five years, I’ve noticed our clients purchasing more cutting edge and conceptual works of art. There is a clear trend towards seeking artworks that express sophistication and simultaneously push boundaries. I love that collectors are pushing beyond traditional styles and media and are more open and receptive to buying new media and exploring new materials.

JK: You grew up with an artist as a mother. Tell me about how your upbringing influences your work today.

AJ: This part of my personal history is integral to my identity as an arts professional. From a very young age, I was exposed to the broad and diverse art community in Houston. My parents’ social structure was built of artists and as an only child I had the opportunity to learn how to interact and communicate with creative people. Furthermore, I spent a lot of time in my mother’s art studio as a child and I became comfortable in the setting. Today, a studio visit with an artist is a special treat for me as it feels both familiar and fresh. For my mother, her practice was her profession and she was very dedicated to it. It instilled in me the understanding of the innate need to create work and as a result I have a deep respect for the discipline it takes to be an artist. These experiences have taught me invaluable lessons of how to navigate between the creative and business worlds.

JK: What is on your bucket list for the future?

AJ: Travel is always on my mind. I love the learning opportunities that arise through stepping out of my comfort zone and visiting a new place.

KAC Interview: Julia Stallcup, Associate at KAC

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 at 2 PM

Introducing the KAC Let's Talk Art Interview series! Inspired by Andy Warhol's iconic Interview interview, this series features some of our favorite artists, curators, and creative fixtures in the art world that are on our radar at the moment. Kicking-off this series is our very own Julia Stallcup who recently was promoted to Associate here at Kinzelman Art.


Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 3:20 PM

We are excited to share news about our art endeavors, happenings within our community AND what we find interesting in the art market…so, let’s talk art!